Flower species seen on the OWCH loop in Big Basin State Park (Also see OWCH.redwood.trail.htm).    
  Observed in blossom in the first weeks of each month.    
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec    
Flowers: White.                        
Alum root (a.k.a. crevice heuchera or small-flowered heuchera) (Heuchera micrantha). (Petals curl back.)         May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Angelica: Henderson's angelica (Angelica hendersonii); pompom flowers; thick stem; pinnate leaves.           June            
Anemone: Western wood anemone (a.k.a. Wind flower or Oregon anemone) (Anemone oregana).     Mar Apr May              
Azalea: Western Azalea (Rhododendron occidentale).           June July Aug         Cream. Gorgeous perfume.
Bedstraw a.k.a. Cleavers (Galium aparine).         May June            
Blackberry: California (or Pacific) blackberry (Rubus ursinus). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Blackberry: Himalaya berry (Rubus procerus).   Feb             Sep Oct Nov Dec
Boykinia: Coast Boykinia (a.k.a. brook foam) (Boykinia elata) (5 open white petals; red branching stems.)         May June July        
Boykinia: Mountain Boykinia (Boykinia major ssp. intermedia ). (Green branching stems.)               Aug Sep Oct    
Buck brush (Ceanothus cuneatis).           June            
Buckeye (California buckeye or California horse chestnut) (Adenostoma californica).         May June July Aug        
Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis).         May               Dogwood family; 4 white sepals around tiny flowers.
Burr chervil (Anthriscus caucalis). [ALIEN] 5 small white wedge-shaped petals with straight wide ends.       Apr                 Thin, hollow stems; umbels of white flowers. Triangular light-green leaves (of many leaflets). The tiny hard fruit, 3 mm, covered in hooked spines.
Campion (?)       Apr                
Chamise (Adenostoma fasiculatum).         May June July Aug Sep Oct    
Chinese houses (Collinsia heterophylla ).     Mar Apr May               Slightly toothed opposite oblong leaves; 2-5 flowers in whorls; lower lip deep lavender
Clover: Elks Clover (a.k.a. Spikenard). White flowers, huge leaves, always near water             July   Sep      
Clover: White lawn clover. ALIEN. (Trifolium repens). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep   Nov Dec
Coastal onion (Allium dichlamydeum).                        
Coffee berry. 5-pointed small white star.       Apr   June            
Coltsfoot (Petasites frigidus).     Mar Apr                
Cow parsnip (Heracleum lanatum).         May June July Aug     Nov Dec >1-foot leaves; almost 1-foot umbrels of balls on stems.
Coyote brush flowers (Baccharis pilularis, ssp. consanguinea).               Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec White often tinged yellowish or greenish.
Elderberry       Apr May June            
Hairy star tulip a.k.a. Fuzzy pussy ears (Calochortus tolmiei).         May June            
Hawkweed: White hawkweed (Hieracium albiflorum).           June July Aug Sep Oct Nov   Not the hairy and flower-clustered Western hawkweed.
Hemlock: Poison hemlock ALIEN (Conium maculatum). Jan       May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec To 10 ft. tall; delicate fernlike leaves; purple blotches on stem.
Hill star (Lithophragma heterophylla).     Mar Apr May               U-shaped ovary base. [Compare with the V-shaped ovary base of the Hill star (Lithophragma affinis).]
Hooker's fairy bell (Disporum hookeri). Flowers and berries are hidden in pairs under the ends of the twin leaves at the end of the stalks.       Apr May              
Huckleberry.     Mar Apr May June             Flowers like upside-down hurricane lanterns (like manzanita) but leaves small and shiny.
Inside-out flower (Vancouveria planipetala).         May June             Not a fern, but its leaves are similar to Maiden Fern.
Lily: Fremont's star lily (Zigadenus fremontii       Apr May June July          
Lily: Globe lily (Calochortus albus).         May June             Tinged with peach.
Madrone     Mar Apr                
Manazanita: Brittle-Leaved manzanita: showy flowers.   Feb Mar Apr May              
Manzanita: Heart-leaved manzanita (a.k.a. Santa Cruz Mountains manzanita)                        
Manzanita: Sensitive manzanita (a.k.a. Small-leaved manzanita). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June         Nov Dec
Miner's Lettuce (Montia perfoliata.   Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug       Dec
Montia: Small-leaved montia (montia parvifolia).           June             White, 5 petals, small alternate leaves and basal rosette. Looks similar to (few-seeded) (Western) Bittercress, but has a 5-petaled flower.
Morning glory: Western morning glory (Convolvulus occidentalis).         May June   Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Nightshade: Douglas' Nightshade ALIEN (Solanum douglasii).     Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Also Purple Nightshade (with a different starburst than Douglas' Nightshade)
Ocean Spray (Holodiscus discolor).     Mar Apr May June July Aug         Cream.
Orchid: Elegent Rein Orchid (Piperia Elegans)                     Nov  
Orchid: Royal Rein Orchid (Piperia transversa) [thanks to Scott P for id-ing]                 Sep Oct     Piperia transversa is the most common Orchid I've found in our part of the world [Scott P]
Pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea).   Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov   White bracts with darker center (the flower). [The alien cudweed is similar but pinkish and more compact.]
Phacelia: Rock phacelia (Phacelia imbricata         May June            
Popcorn flower (Plagiobothrys nothofulvus).                         Ground-hugging plant in sunnier spots. Small flower; five rounded petals.
Queen Anne's Lace ALIEN (Daucus carota)           June             Flat umbel of flowers.
Potato vine.   Feb Mar     June July          
Pussy ears: Tolmie's pussy ears (Calochortus tolmiei).         May June             Petal surface hairy, tinged with peach.
Soap plant: Common soap plant (Cholorogalum pomeridianum)           June July           Flowers open in low light, close in bright light.
Solomon's seal: Branched (or Fat) Solomon's seal (Smilacina racemosa ).         May               Dense infloresence on each branch of the inflorescence. Leaves clasp stem. Red berries.
Solomon's seal: Star (or Slim) Solomon's seal (Smilacina stellata).       Apr May June             White 6-petaled flowers on separate stems. Leaves don't clasp stem. Green berries striped with red.
Stinging Phacelia (Phacelia malvifolia).       Apr May               Stinging hairs on stems and leaves.
Stitchwort     Mar Apr May              
Strawberry: California strawberry (Fragaria californica). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June            
Sugar-scoop (a.k.a. saxifrage or False mitrewort) (Tiarella unifoliata).         May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Stamens protrude.
Summer aster (Aster radulinus).                         Large daisy-like three-quarter-inch flower with thin white petals.
Sweet cicely (Wood or Mountain or Western sweet cicely) (Osmorhiza chilensis ).     Mar                  
Thimbleberry     Mar Apr May June            
Toyon. Greenish white.                        
Tradescantia: River Spiderwort, Small-Leaf Spiderwort, Wandering Willie, Wandering Jew (Tradescantia fluminensis ).           June July Aug   Oct Nov   A species of spiderwort: 3 bright white petals; dark green waxy leaves.
Trail Plant (Adenocaulon bicolor).           June July Aug Sep Oct     The tiny flower at the top of this plant is a cluster of 5-petaled flowers.
Two-eyed violet (Viola ocellata).         May June            
Western bittercress (Cardamine oligosperma).                         4-petal small flower. Leaves mainly in basal rosette. Straight erect seedpods.
Woodland star (Lithophragma affinis).                         V-shaped ovary base. [Compare with coastal area Hill star (Lithophragma heterophylla ), whose ovary base is rounded or squared.]
Yarrow: common yarrow. Achillea millefolium.       Apr May June July   Sep Oct Nov Dec
Yerba buena (Satureja douglasii ).         May June July Aug   Oct     Pleasant mint smell.
Yerba de selva (Weed of the woods) (Whipplea modesta).       Apr May June July          
Flowers: Red.                        
Bee plant: California bee plant or figwort (Scrophularis californica).     Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep       Short red-brown snapdragon-like flowers with overbite (2 upper petals project); stems square and coarse; leaves large and square; height to 6 feet.
Bleeding heart: Dutchmans breeches (Dicentra cucullaria).     Mar Apr May June            
Burning bush (Euonymus occidentalis ).                         Expected April/June
Clintonia: Red clintonia (Clintonia andrewsiana).         May June            
Clover: Common owl's clover (Castilleja densiflora).           June            
Clover: Tomcat clover (Trifolium willdenovii ).           June            
Columbine: Crimson columbine (Aqueligia formosa).           June            
Foxglove         May June July Aug         Also white.
Gooseberry: canyon gooseberry.       Apr                
Helleborine: Broad Leaved Helleborine ALIEN (Epipactis helleborine                         Pink with lower lip or tongue; in dry area.
Honeysuckle: Hairy vine honeysuckle (Lonicera hispidula).         May June July Aug Sep Oct    
Milkwort: California milkwort (Polygala californica).           June July          
Pacific star flower (Trientalis latifolia).         May June             The flower hovers on an almost-invisible stem 1.5 inches above the leaf cluster.
Paintbrush: (Castilleja ssp.).   Feb Mar Apr May June July          
Pea: Chaparral pea (Lathyrus torreyi (or Pickeringia montana?) ).     Mar Apr May June July Aug         Small bush with spines. Usually not seen till May; but in 2013 seen March in warm early Sping.
Wild ginger (Asarum caudatum).                         Maroon.
Western wake robin (Trillium Ovatum).   Feb Mar Apr May              
Wintergreen (Pyrola picta var. aphylla).                        
Flowers: Pink, Mauve, Purple.                        
Aster: Common California Aster (Aster chilensis).         May     Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Large daisy-like three-quarter-inch flower with thin purple rays.
Clover: a pale pink clover with round leaves               Aug Sep      
Collomia: Varied leaved Collomia. (Collomia heterophylla).                         Lacy-leaved small plant with a small purple flower.
Eriogonum: Coast eriogonum (Eriogonum latifolium).           June   Aug         To 2 feet. Stem mainly bare. Clusters of oblong leaves near base. Pink tinge to flowers.
Eriogonum: Onion-head eriogonum (Eriogonum latens).             July Aug Sep Oct    
Mystery plant -- probably not Lianthus.                   Oct     Native Annual in the Phlox Family. Mauve flowers have 5 petals (sometimes 6 or 8!) laying open (a plate flat) about quarter-inch diameter; the stamens stick up from the center of the plate. The flowers grow singly on the ends of skinny thread-thin stems, alternate-branched, tough, and reddish (not at all green).
Lupine: Douglas's Lupine (Lupinus nanus ).     Mar                   Rich blue; low rounded banner petal with white spot (dark-flecked); hairy leaves
Lupine: Valley lupine (Lupinus subvexus).     Mar Apr May               Blue-violet flowers; vertical banner petal with white zone (dark-flecked) that turns rosy red with age>; 5-9 smooth narrow leaflets
Lupine: Others.     Mar Apr May              
Mint: Coyote mint (Monardella odoratissima).           June July          
Pea: Torry's or redwood pea (Lathyrus torreyi ).                        
Radish: Wild radish. ALIEN (Raphanus sativus ). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rose: California rose (Rosa californica)               Aug         Dark pink petals. Curved (not straight) spines; hairy underside of leaf.
Rose: Wood rose (Rosa gymnocarpa).           June             Pale pink petals. Short, straight, thin spine (as opposed to curved spine of Rosa californica ). Smooth underside of leaf (as opposed hairy underside of Rosa californica ).
Sorrel: Redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep     Dec Mauve, pinkish, bluish, and white.
Thistle: Bull thistle ALIEN (Cirsium vulgare ).         May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Spines extend from leaf petiole down the stem.
Thistle: Milk thistle ALIEN (Silybum marianum).         May June             White blotches on leaves.
Thistle: pale, scraggly, multibranched.           June            
Toothwort (Dentaria californica, var. integrifolia) and/or Milkmaids (D. californica, var. californica ). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July         Dec Pale mauve, blue, pink. D. californica, var. integrifolia and D. californica, var. californica interbreed.
Vetch: Giant vetch (Vicia gigantica).     Mar                   Smooth stems with 8-12 pairs of linear leaflets. Vines 2-6 feet.
Vetch: Spring vetch ALIEN (Epilobium brachycarpum).   Feb Mar Apr May   July           1-2 purple flowers near the base of each leaf. 4-8 pairs of narrow blunt leaflets. Vines 1-3 feet.
Willowherb: Weedy willowherb (Epilobium brachycarpum).             July           Thread-thin stem and minumum of leaves; 4 deeply notched petals look like 8.
Woodmint: common woodmint; also called (California) hedge nettle (Stachys bulleta ).   Feb     May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flowers: Bluish.                        
Blue Dicks (Brodiaea pulchella; elsewhere Dichelostemma pulchellum).     Mar Apr May June             Closely related to the Forktooth and Roundtooth Ookow , Lily Family.
Blue Witch.     Mar Apr May June     Sep Oct Nov   Dark blue flower with bright yellow center.
California harebell/bluebell (Asyneuma prenanthoides).           June July Aug Sep Oct    
Ceanothus: a.k.a. California wild lilac or Blue bush lilac (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus).     Mar Apr May June            
Dannie's Skullcap (Scutellaria tuberosa).                         5-petaled, 2-lipped tubular flower (mint family).
Flax: Western blue flax probably (Linum perenne).       Apr May June July Aug       Dec
Forget-me-not (ALIEN). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hound's tongue   Feb Mar Apr                
Lemon balm                 Sep      
One-leaved onion (Allium unifolium).                         Bluish or purplish.
Verbena: Western verbena ALIEN (Verbena lasiostachys).         May   July           Spike with a band of 5-petal, 2-lipped flowers.
Yerba Santa (Holy Herb) (a.k.a. California mountain balm) (Eriodictyon californicum).         May June July          
Flowers: Green or brown.                        
Artemesia (aka sagewort)                 Sep      
Bull rush. Greenish-brown.         May     Aug        
Big-leaf maple.     Mar Apr May               Drooping slim clusters of green blossoms with red-tinged center.
California Fetid Adder's Tongue (Scoliopus bigelovii). Jan Feb                     Greenish slim-petalled.
Cicely: Western sweet cicely (Osmorhiza occidentalis                         Greenish flowers; long, smooth, sharp-pointed seeds.
California hazel [or hazelnut] (Corylus cornuta, ssp. californica).                         Greenish-brownish male catkins and small reddish female flowers.
Checker lily (a.k.a. mission bells) (Fritillaria affins ; corrected from previous designation, Fritillaria lanceolata).     Mar Apr                 Greenish-yellow with purple spots.
Oak: California scrub oak           June            
Plantain: English plantain                 Sep      
Poisoned Oak       Apr May June July          
Red alder catkins     Mar                  
River sedge (a.k.a. Purple nutsedge).           June             Greenish-brown.
Rush.           June             Greenish-brown.
Stinging nettle ALIEN (Urtica dioica).         May June July Aug Sep   Nov   Painful: don't touch!
Tan oak.                        
Flowers: Yellow.                        
Brass buttons (Cotula coronopifolia ).           June            
Butter and eggs (also called Bee Plant) (Orthocarpus erianthus       Apr May               Tubular flower; 3 yellow sacs at tip outside a red-purple hooked beak.
Buttercup: California buttercup     Mar Apr May June             To 16+ shiny petals; erect branched stem; paired pinnate leaves.
Cats ear: Hairy cats ear. A.k.a. Spotted cats ear.       Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct     It looks like a 'tall dandelion'. It is not a dandelion but, like the dandelion, is in the 'Chicory Tribe'.
Clover: Bur clover. ALIEN. (Medicago aribica).         May June            
Clover: Yellow sweet clover. ALIEN. (Melilotus indica).           June             Tiny flowers in long spikes above a smooth stem; trifolate leaves.
Deerweed or California Broom (Lotus scoparius).     Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep      
Sedum: a.k.a. dudleya or stonecrop (Sedum spp.). Includes Pacific sedum (Sedum spathulifolim).           June July           5-petal flowers on solo succulent stem; flat basal rosette of leaves.
Fiddle neck (Amsinckia intermedia).         May June             Yellow 5-petal along the top of an uncoiling stem.
Golden Brodiaea (a.k.a. Pretty face or Golden Tritelia) (Brodiaea Lutea )                        
Groundsel: Common groundsel/butterweed. ALIEN. (Senecio vulgaris).           June July           Common groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) has black-tipped bracts; California butterweed/groundsel (Senecio aronicoides) has broader non-lobed leaves and squatter flowers.
Honeysuckle: Prostrate honeysuckle. Green-cream scaly flowers from the leaf axis.                        
Iris: Douglas's Iris (Iris douglasiana).     Mar Apr May               High ovary; top "nipplelike". Creamy yellow to indigo petals; purple veins on pale petals. 2013: first seen in March
Iris: Fernald's Iris (Iris fernaldii).     Mar Apr May June             Low ovary: corolla or perianth tube (above ovary) very long funnel, much longer than pedicel (below ovary). Pale creamy yellow petals; indistinct veins. Narrow dusky leaves.
Lotus: birdsfoot lotus. ALIEN. (Lotus corniculatus).       Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct    
Lupine: yellow bush lupine (Lupinus arborius).   Feb     May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Madia: Common madia (Madia elegans).       Apr May June July Aug         Disk flower anthers black. Alternate leaves.
Madia: Woodland madia (Madia madioides           June July Aug Sep       Flat flower head. Sparse, opposite leaves.
Poppy: Bush poppy. Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Poppy: California poppy.     Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov   Coast poppy may be a 2-tone variation, darker in the center.
Sanicle: Yellow sanicle (a.k.a. snakeroot) Sanicula arctopoides.     Mar Apr May              
Tarweed: Common (or coast) tarweed (Madia sativa           June July           Rounded heads cluster atop a stout stem; alternate linear leaves crowded on stem.
Triplet lily: a.k.a. Common triteleia, Grass nut, or Ithuriel's Spear (Brodiaea laxa).           June            
Violet: Redwood violet (a.k.a. Evergreen violet) (Viola sempervirens). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep     Dec
Violet: Smooth yellow violet or Stream violet (Viola glabella).   Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug     Nov  
Yellow composite: Common Sow Thistle. ALIEN. (Sonchus oleraceus).                 Sep Oct   Dec Smooth branched stem; leaves clasp stem and have non-prickly margins.
Yellow composite: Prickly Sow Thistle. ALIEN. (Sonchus asper).                 Sep Oct Nov Dec Hairy branched stem; leaves clasp stem and have prickly margins.
Yellow composites: MYC's: Mystery Yellow Composites (to be determined but including the Alien False Dandelion (Hypochoeris radicata)). Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Yarrow: Golden yarrow. Eriophyllum confertiflorum.         May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Flowers: Orange.                        
Leopard lily (Lilium pardalinum). (Orange with leopardish spots)             July Aug        
Monkey Flower: Orange Sticky Monkey Flower (Diplacus aurantiacus ).   Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov  
Total species 13 25 51 62 88 98 62 52 46 37 31 27
Garden flowers (excluded from the above list) include:
Boysenberry flowers
Calla lily
Jubata grass (related to Pampas grass)
Naked Lady
Paperwhite narcissus
Red hot poker
Rambling rose
etc, etc.