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Arbor Therapy — The Tree Spirit in Us

Arbor Therapy — The Tree Spirit in Us
by Ameena Gier

My grandmother said if we want to know about people, we needed to first look to the trees.

Arbor-therapy Meditation 2 (February 2002).

The trees have roots; receive nourishment from the earth and the sky; and grow in their own unique way. They serve for source of beauty, essential sustenance for the planet, and as a record of ecological history.

And so it is with us. We describe our body as a "trunk" and our legs and arms as "limbs." We are part of and the result of what we call a "tree of life." This tree grows from roots that began in ancient times.

You can honor and celebrate this relationship when you meditate. As you begin to focus on your breathing, find a place where you feel at ease. You may want to sit near or under a tree in nature, one you hold in your memory, or create a tree in your mind's vision

Breathe - your breath is a gift.

As you breathe in and out, let your breath gently remind you that you live in a creation greater than you can imagine. Know that your breath is a gift. That gift comes to you from whatever and whoever you hold most holy.

Know that for this moment and for this space, you have nowhere else to go and nowhere else to be. This is your time. And relax...

Let your breathing deepen. Let it come from your own roots, from the time of your ancestors. Breath from whatever place and people that you hold most dear. Let your breath guide you to the place where your roots begin and then quietly follow it forward. As you come forward, let your breath come up from the earth and into your feet. Breathe in the strength and comfort of being securely connected and safe.

Now follow your breathing up from your feet into your body - into your trunk. Let your breathing lead you upward to your shoulders. You may want to breathe even more deeply, maybe a sigh of relief, as the breath flows into your arms. You may want to stretch them upward and out from your body. Focus on your breathing, and your body will know how to receive the blessing.

As you breath in and out, you may imagine the beginning of a warm summer rain. Let the soft water bathe over and through you. Feel its promise slowly soaking deep into your roots and know, it is another gift of life. It rain that cleans and nourishes the trees.

As you follow your breathing, you may feel the light and energy of the sun. Invite it to follow your breath into your body. Take some moments and enjoy. Know you are part of all you breathe and feel. The tree is part of you and you a part of the tree. Both of you are a gift of life, a special creation in nature.

Continue breathing in and out; in and out. Follow your breath. If your focus wanders, gently guide it back. As you time for meditation begins to feel complete, let yourself sign deeply and slowly let your focus of attention become more present.

Take Another Minute.

When you are ready, just before you open your eyes take another minute and say "thank you."

May you take this spirit of the trees with you as you go. May you always stand firmly rooted to the earth. May you remember when to bend with the wind. May you always grow toward the light. And so it is...

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