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Banana Slug Survivalist Games - Sightings in the Forest of Big Basin State Park

Text by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
All photos (c) 2002 Scott Peden, Photographer and Docent at Big Basin State Park

Now it can be revealed - how banana slugs conquer the wild!

Slugs often climb trees in search of prey:
slug climbing trees

They often eat flowers, sometimes by biting through the flower's stem so that the tasty blossom crashes to the forest floor, and sometimes by using geometry, engineering, and muscle power to overpower a flower, as here where Slug Cleopatra conquers a fetid adders tongue:
slug attacking fetid adders tongue

Hard to see and believe, but Scott captured this shot of a carnivorous Slug Hannibal grazing on the feathery remains of a bird. The mystery is how such a small slug brought down such a large bird ...
carnivorous banana slug

Books on Slugs

Field Guide to the Slug Explore the Secret World of Slugs and Their Kin - In Forest, Fields, and Gardens from Southeast Alaska to California, by Western Society of Malacologists, David G. Gordon.

Banana Slug: A Close Look at a Giant Forest Slug of Western North America by Alice Bryant Harper, Daniel Harper (Photographer).

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