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Book Review of
"Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier."

Review of Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier
By Ariadne Unst

Special Book.

Buy 'Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier' Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier
by Jim Paruk. Published by The Yosemite Association. An excellent guide book to all tree species in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Highly recommended to the amateur and the professional.

A lively well-illustrated handbook.

Jim Paruk's lively handbook, full of Elizabeth Morales clear line drawings, guides you to identify 44 native trees of the Sierra Nevada:

Paruk's book is informative, well organized, and easy to use. It will help the reader identify most Sierra trees.

The author presents details that help you recognize a tree by its location and habitat in the Sierra Nevada, its size and shape, its leaves or needles or scales, its cones or fruit, and its bark.

The 9-inch ruler printed on the back cover is a thoughtful bonus.

I would have preferred the type and pictures to have been slightly smaller. Then the book could be reduced to provide only a 9-inch ruler, and fit more easily into the side pocket of a daypack.

What is a tree and how do you identify one?

Because of the harsh conditions of the Sierra Nevada, especially near the tree line, trees may be stunted so that they appear more like shrubs.

Paruk defines a tree as "a woody plant with a single trunk that usually does not divide lower than ten feet off the ground."

Techniques to identify your tree include:

Sections of Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier.

Book Choice.

Sierra Nevada Tree Identifier. My First Summer in the Sierra
by John Muir.
Buy Sierra Nevada: The Naturalist's Companion Sierra Nevada: The Naturalist's Companion
by Verna R. Johnson. Published University of California Press.
The Ecology of Fire by Robert J. Whelan. Fire in Sierra Nevada Forests: A Photographic Interpretation of Ecological Change Since 1849
by George E. Gruell.

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