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Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks

Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks.
Notes by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

What is "Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks"? And how can you use its resources and get more information?

Santa Cruz State Parks.

What are the Santa Cruz State Parks? Inhabitants and visitors to Santa Cruz County can enjoy many State Parks. These include:

Big Basin
State Park
The 11-mile Berry Creek Falls Loop Trail may be the finest day hike in California. Includes 3 delicious waterfalls, loads of wildflowers, banana slugs, and California newts, as well as marvelous forests.
Forest of Nisene Marks
State Park.
Tremendous redwood forest in active recovery from logging.
Natural Bridges
State Park.
Glorious tidepools. Monarch butterfly paradise.
New Brighton
State Park.
Santa Cruz Mission Adobe
State Historic Park.
Magnificent original adobe dwelling. Visit Santa Cruz's Oldest Building.
Seacliff Beach
State Park.
Fossil walks are a special treat here.
Wilder Ranch
State Park.
Amazing wildflowers. Spectacular coastal hikes.

Friends Mission Statement.

The mission of Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks is:

" Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks
is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and stewardship
of our local State Parks' natural and cultural heritage,
by facilitating and supporting
educational programs and exhibits. "

The generosity of the people of Santa Cruz County, in their donations of time and money to Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, help our natural and historical heritage thrive and prosper.

Through their efforts, you can share and enjoy these riches.

For more information.

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