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Got Pine? - Your 60-Second Guide to Naming your Pine by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Quickstart by counting the number of needles in a bundle from your tree.

You know you have a pine - but is it the rare Torrey? Is it the rich, dark Monterey? Or the longest-coned sugar?

This handy route map leads you to your answer in a minute through less than a half-dozen questions. Select each answer interactively with your cursor. Then you jump automatically to the next question.

But if nothing fits here, then you probably have a non-pine, a tree that is not in the Pine genus, Pinus. even if it's in the Pine family, Pinaceae .

Go with the Flow to Track Down the Name of your Californian Pine Tree.

First count the number of needles in two or three mature bundles of pine leaves on your native California pine tree.

How many pine needles are in each bundle?

Depending on the typical number of needles, go to the sections below marked: Five (5), Four (4), Three (3), or Two (2).

Five (5) needles in each bundle

Four (4) needles in each bundle

In California, you have nut pine or parry pinyon (P.quadrifolia).

Three (3) needles in each bundle

Two (2) needles in each bundle

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