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Trail plant - Flower of the Forest in Big Basin State Park

Text by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
All photos (c) 2002-2012 Scott Peden, Photographer and Docent at Big Basin State Park

Scott Peden's second favorite wild flower of the Berry Creek Falls Loop Trail of the Big Basin State Park is Trail Plant (Adenocaulon bicolor).

He likes it especially "because it is so rarely seen and even when noticed no one really knows what they look like".

Trail plant close-up by Scott Peden. Scott says: "What appears to be a tiny flower at the top of this plant is actually a cluster of 5 or more 5-petaled flowers. ... Since it has, technically, only 5 flowers in each bunch the other 5 may be the male counterparts. ... Bring your magnifying glass!! "

Trail plant closeup by Scott Peden

Trail plant leaves, stem, flower and forming seeds by Scott Peden. The previous close-up was of a flower cluster at the top of a slender stem:

Trail plant on stem by Scott Peden

Trail plant seeds by Scott Peden:

Trail plant seeds by Scott Peden

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