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California-laurel (a.k.a. California bay) (Umbellularia californica) with its remarkable flower clusters

Text by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.
All photos (c) 2006-2013 Scott Peden, Photographer and Docent at Big Basin State Park

* California-laurel (a.k.a. California bay) photos.
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'Other common names include Pepperwood, Oregon Myrtle, bay laurel (but that is the European shrub laurus noblis), Myrtlewood, and Spice Tree.' [Scott Peden]

California-laurel (a.k.a. California bay) photos

All photos (c) 2006-2013 Scott Peden.

'These first two pictures are of the California-laurel by the River, March 6th 2006. California-laurels only grow at the bottoms of valleys near water sources and on the tops of ridges, never in-between, so there is some speculation whether they are separate species. ... it appears there are more flowers on the California-laurels near the water sources.' [Scott Peden]
California-laurel flower (river)

California-laurel flower (river)

Bayberry on a ridge.
'These pictures are of a California-laurel near the upper end of a ridge in Boulder Creek well up Bear Creek Road, at the edge of the redwoods-to-chaparral transition. This is July 4th, 2002, for the Dupe and November 20th, 2002, for the flowers, but this is the same tree.' [Scott Peden]
California-laurel drupe (ridge)

California-laurel flower (ridge)

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