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Glossary: I is for ... imperfect inbreeding individual.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of I...

ice (n.)
The frozen form of water. Because ice has a specific gravity (0.92) less than water, ice floats on water.

immigration (n.)
Migration of an organism into an area where it establishes its residence permanently.

imperfect flower (n.)
A flower which lacks either stamens or carpels.

inbreeding (n.)
In plants, a breeding system where sexual reproduction involves the interbreeding of closely related plants, such as by self-pollination.

indehiscent (adj.)
Not opening spontaneously when ripe. For example, acorns; also the cones of some pines that remain closed until they experience extremely strong heat such as fire.
Contrast with dehiscent. * Indeterminate: describes an inflorescence in which the outer or lower flowers bloom first, allowing an indefinite elongation of the flowering stem (compare determinate) *
indeterminate (adj.)
A type of inflorescence. where the outer or lower flowers bloom first. The flowering stem can thus continue to grow and flower indefinitely.
Compare determinate.

indigenous (adj.)
Originating in or native to an area.

individual tree selection (n.)
The cutting method that describes the silvicultural system in which trees are removed individually each year, over an entire forest or stand. The resultant stand usually regenerates naturally and becomes all-aged.

inferior ovary (n.)
An ovary located below the attachment of the sepals and petals.

infiltration (n.)
Absorption and downward movement of water into the soil

inflorescence (n.)
The way that a plant arranges its flowers on an axis or stem.

inhibition model of succession
A model of succession that suggests that changes in the dominance of plant species with time is due to:
death and small-scale disturbances;
variations in longevity of plant species; and
variations in ability of species to disperse.
Species turnover favors species with longer life spans.

inorganic (adj.)
Something non-living, particularly the physical and chemical components of an organism's environment. (Also called abiotic.)

invasive (adj.)
Any plant that grows so aggressively that it crowds out other plants. Often applied to non-native species.

involucre (n.)
A circle of bracts that enclose a fruit or a cluster of flowers.

irregular (adj.)
A flower that is radially asymmetric in size or shape.