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Glossary: K is for keystone krummholz kingdom.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of K...

K-selection (n.)
Natural selection that occurs in populations near the carrying capacity (K) of the environment. Usually causes a species that produces few young with substantial resource investment by the parents; parents care for the young until they mature. (K-selected, adj.)

The character of the chromosomes defined by their size, shape, and number.

keel (n.)
A central ridge (like the keel of a boat); also the two lower petals of a pea-like flower (when joined to form a keel).

keystone species
A species that interacts with a large number of other species in a community, and whose removal of this species may cause widespread changes to community structure.

One of the three primary divisions of objects, into animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms.
Each group below a kingdom is a phylum

An abrupt bend in a stem or tree trunk, or an outgrowth rising from the roots of some swamp-growing trees. Example: bald cypress.

Stunted growth (literally crooked wood) caused by wind. Found in certain tree species at their upper limit of distribution. In cushion krummholz, Alpine trees exposed to severe wind conditions are wind-pruned to a cushion-like mat. In flagged krummholz, the tallest trees protrude from the protective snow pack and become wind-battered.