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Glossary: L is for ... layering leaf litter.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of L...

The part of an annual shoot that is formed after a summer pause in growth.

lanceolate (adj.)
Much more long than broad; like a lance in shape, tapering from below the middle toward the tip.

The rooting of an undetached branch, laying on or partially buried in the soil, which is capable of independent growth after separation from the mother plant.

Process by which water removes and transports inorganic nutrients and humus in solution through soil.

A flat, thin, (commonly) green appendage of a plant stem. The main portion of a tree or other higher plant where photosynthesis occurs.

A segment of a compound leaf.

Organism comprising a species of fungus symbiotically joining with a species of algae.

The uppermost layer of organic debris on a forest floor. It contains freshly fallen or only slightly decomposed vegetable matter, mainly foliage, and also bark, twigs, flowers, and fruits.

Leaves that are deeply cut but not more than halfway from the edge to the midrib.

A uniform and unstratified fine sand or silt (sometimes clay) deposited after transported by wind. An aeolian soil.