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Ariadne's Forest Glossary: U

Glossary: U is for ... umbel and uneven-aged umbo.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of U...

umbel (n.)
An inflorescence where several roughly equal flower stalks radiate from a common point at the top of a short axis. The appearance can be like an umbrella.

umbo (n.)
A blunt or rounded projection arising from a surface, as on a pine cone scale.

unctuous (adj.)
Greasy to the touch; oily.

uneven-aged (adj.)
A condition of forest or stand that contains intermingled trees that differ markedly in age. By convention, a minimum range is 10 to 20 years.

unisexual (adj.)
Bears either pistils or stamens (i.e., not both).

united (adj.)
Having combined parts.
Compare distinct.