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Glossary: W is for ... warm watershed.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of W...

warm temperate climate (n.)
No month below 6ºC. Usually:
Temperate forest on western and eastern margin.
Steppe in continental regions.
See also climate.

warm temperate zone (n.)
The difference between the summers and winters is clear. Nights are cool. Vegetation chiefly evergreen.

watershed (n.)
The area that supplies water to a river and its tributaries or to a lake. Where the area is well vegetated, the ground cover slows the flow of rainwater over the surface, allowing the water to sink into the ground without causing erosion.

weed (n.)
A religious designation, often for a native plant in a garden of alien plants. A plant that thrives where humans do not want it. Often, it is a plant that colonizes disturbed areas vigorously.

whorl (n.)
A circle of three or more structures radiating outward from the same node. For example, pines, spruces, and firs produce a terminal stem called the leader and a major whorl of lateral limbs at the base of the leader each year. A node is the place on the stem of the tree where these limbs in the whorl attach.

wing (n.)
A paper-thin flat margin that borders a seed capsule. Likewise, for such an edge of a stem or flower.

winter annual (n.)
A plant whose seeds germinate in late summer and that flowers and fruits in the following spring and summer (compare summer annual).

wooly (n.)
Having soft, short hairs.