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Glossary: X is for ... xanthic xerophilous xylem.
by Ariadne Unst

Glossary of X...

xanthic (adj.)

xeric (adj.)
Arid or desert conditions, with a minimal water supply through most of each year (compare mesic).

xero- (prefix)

xerophyte (n.)
A plant that is adapted to dry or and habitats.

xerophytic (adj.)
Well adapted to dry or arid conditions, or to places where fresh water is scarce, or where water absorption is made difficult by an excess of dissolved salts.

xylem (n.)
Woody tissue of a plant. Xylem transports water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves. It is a complex vascular tissue in plants; comprises vessels (hollow receptacles) and/or tracheids usually together with wood fibers and parenchyma cells, functioning in conduction (and also in support and storage). Xylem cells account for most of the diameter growth in a tree each year.

xylocarp (adj.)
A hard, woody fruit (for example, the coconut.