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Yosemite's Trees

Yosemite's Trees
Notes by J. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

What trees can you find in Yosemite? They were reported by John Muir, and then in a classic book by Mary Curry Tresidder. Here's a handy summary.

Trees of the Yosemite

Much of the following comes from a classic book, first published in 1932, revised edition in 1948: Mary Curry Tresidder's book with 34 block prints by Della Taylot Hoss. It is a compact and useful guide, containing:

  1. The classification of trees.
  2. Life zones found in Yosemite.
  3. The Conifers of Yosemite.
  4. Broadleaf trees of Yosemite.

Coniferous Trees of Yosemite.

You can see these families of coniferous trees in Yosemite:

  1. Cypress Family (Cupressacea).

  2. Pine Family (Pinaceae).
    The Pine genus (Pinus):
    The Hemlock genus (Tsuga):
    The False Hemlock genus (Pseudotsuga):
    The Fir genus (Abies):

  3. Redwood Family (Taxodiaceae).

  4. Yew Family (Taxaceae).

Broadleaf Trees of Yosemite

You can see these families of broadleaf trees in Yosemite:

  1. Birch Family (Betulaceae).
    The Alder genus (Alnus):

  2. Dogwood Family (Cornaceae).
    The Dogwood genus (Cornus)

  3. Laurel Family (Lauraceae).

  4. Maple Family (Aceraceae).
    The Maple genus (Acer).

  5. Oak Family (Aceraceae).
    The Oak genus (Quercus):

  6. Willow Family (Salicaceae).
    The Poplar genus (Populus): The Willow genus (Salix):

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Ancient Trees: Trees that Live for a Thousand Years by Anna Lewington and Edward Parker.

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